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We provide legal service covering all matters relating to Wills,Trusts,Probate Work and Lasting Powers of Attorney with the assurance of total confidentiality.

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A Will is essential if you want your wishes to be carried out after your death. If you have young children it is important that a guardian is nominated by yourself and is included in your will so you know that your children will be cared for by the person you feel most appropriate, in the event of your death. To die intestate, without a will, could cause great distress to your family and will delay the distribution of your estate, in addition your assets and liabilities could be dealt with in a way that you would not want.

In addition

There may come a time when you are finding it difficult and tiresome, either physically or emotionally, to handle your property and financial affairs or your personal welfare. By creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you in effect appoint someone you trust to be your Attorney to help you to make decisions on your behalf, although, this is not simply handing over the responsibility. Those that you appoint as your Attorneys must follow your wishes and discuss matters with you, they are not given the power to make decisions that you disagree with. Two types of LPA can be made and these in turn must be registered with the Office of The Public Guardian. LPA’s give you peace of mind that your affairs will be maintained by someone you have chosen. It is prudent to make an LPA before you are physically or mentally incapable of handing your affairs.

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